Replacement Part Procedure
for devices developed by
Böning Automationstechnologie GmbH & Co. KG
and supplied to
MAN Nutzfahrzeuge AG

We develop and manufacture devices for monitoring, diagnostics and control of Diesel engines as well as for common ship automation. Since 1996 we are operating closely together with MAN-Nutzfahrzeuge AG in Nuremberg. Since then, more than 200 different devices / parts have been created and registered with appropriate MAN part number. Overall, more than 10,000 ships, mostly yachts, are equipped with these components. In accordance with MAN-Nutzfahrzeuge AG, we have now established a replacement part procedure for these devices/ parts. The procedure offers the replacement of defective devices beyond warranty period with corresponding used and refurbished devices.

Procedure steps in detail:

  1. The customer sends the defective device to address for dispatch.
  2. He immediately receives a quotation for a used and refurbished replacement part.
  3. If the customer accepts the quotation, the dispatch usually occurs within two days.
  4. If the customer rejects the quotation, the defective device will be returned.

The Following website offers the download of a compilation for all devices / parts, sorted by MAN part number:

The list is also available as PDF-Document on the right.


The warranty period for replacement parts is 12 months after delivery.
In case of warranty, the customer will receive a corresponding device as a replacement.