Communication Software based on „Videoconferencing over IP“ for Multiple Video Conferences

The AHD-Com software allows simultaneous communication with several participants in different locations by multiple video conferences based on „Videoconferencing over IP“.

Product feature:

  • Worldwide multiple video conferences with speech and video image communication via IP-protocol (VCoIP – Videoconferencing over IP)
  • Indication of available (Online) users, selective availability
  • Unlimited quantity of users, centralized administration by storage of user data (i.e. user-Email-address for identification) on a predefined server
  • Creation of user groups (i.e. service, sales, external employees etc).
  • Video image and microphone individually connectable and disconnectable by any user
  • Max. 5 video images simultaneously presentable, depending on available broadband communication
  • Multiple conferences with different participants available
  • Call and call waiting function, individual call acceptance or rejection
  • Local video conference recording
  • Acquisition of calls in absence and rejected calls
  • Application Sharing – any application on a PC can be released for common use on other computers
  • Individual setting of connection properties (bit rate, video quality, audio- and video-settings
  • System requirements Windows 9x / ME / NT / 2000 / XP; Microsoft DirectX V8.0a / 8.1
  • Recommended PC-requirements min. 1.3 GHz-processor, 256 MB RAM and net communication with min. 1Mbit/s, graphic board with 2D-acceleration and min. 16 MB RAM, sound board
  • Additional hardware: Headset or microphone/loudspeaker combination, USB-camera or video camera via video-capture-board or firewire-interface